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SCAA Q-Grader
SCA Sensory Skills intermediate
2018 Taiwan TISCA pour over coffee brewing competitionship 1th place.
2016 Takao coffee competion 5th place
We are a coffee roasting studio from Taiwan with a dream that we always give you the best quality possible.

In October 2014, we started to have our beans reviewed and rated by “Coffee Review”. By doing this, we adjusted our roasting style. With years of hardworking, we have some achievements.
In 2016, Our “Guatemala Finca Cappuccino Echo-Lot” got the 11th place of “Coffee Review Top 30 Coffees of 2016”. Also, our “Colombia La Palma and El Tucan Espresso” got the 15th place.
In 2017, our “Kenya Gondo AA” got the 11th place of “Coffee Review Top 30 Coffees of 2016”.
As to the Certification, our team members have CQI Q grader, SCAE Brewing &roasting, SCA Sensory Skills.
In 2018, we mastered our brewing skills. We got the champion in 2018 Taiwan TISCA pour over coffee brewing competitionship.

Maximum quality of affordable specialty coffee is our priorities and principles. Best coffee for you.


 2018/9-Coffee Review 94-Coffee Review 94-Guatemala Finca El General Lot ALT8 Espresso 
 2018/9-Coffee Review 94-Coffee Review 94-Green Dolphin Blend Espresso
 2018/9-Coffee Review 94-Coffee Review 94-Ethiopia Kochere Debo Washed Gellana
 2018/6-Coffee Review 93-Coffee Review 93-Sumatra Batak Naga Saribu M-Plus 
 2018/6-Coffee Review 94-Kenya Embu Uteuzi Jimbo 
 2018/6-Coffee Review 93-Sumatra Batak Naga Saribu 
 2018/6-Coffee Review 92-Long Miles Coffee Project Nkonge Hill Burundi Red Honey 
 2018/5-Coffee Review 94-Mandheling Onan Ganjang 
 2018/3-Coffee Review 94-Panama Baru Geisha Honey by Joseph 
 2018/3-Coffee Review 94-Panama Baru Geisha Natural by Joseph 
 2018/3-Coffee Review 94-Summer Night Blend Espresso 
 2018/3-Coffee Review 93-Ethiopia Guji Deri Korcha White Honey 
 2018/2-Coffee Review 94-Ethiopia Biftu Gundina Coop Espresso 
 2018/2-Coffee Review 93-Ethiopia Natural Sidamo Papilio 
 2018/2-Coffee Review 94-Ethiopia Banko Gotiti Natural 
 2018/2-Coffee Review 93-Wilderness Blend CR 


 2017/12-Coffee Review 93-Honduras Los Catadores Honey 
 2017/12-Coffee Review 92-Honduras La Lesquinada Washed 
 2017/11-Coffee Review 95-Kenya Kirinyaga Mukangu AB 
 2017/11-Coffee Review 95-Ethiopia Washed Yirgacheffe Adado 
 2017/11-Coffee Review 93-Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe Tore 
 2017/10-Coffee Review 93-Santa Maria Natural Yellow Caturra 
 2017/9-Coffee Review 95-Kenya Kirinyaga Baragwi Guama AB 
 2017/9-Coffee Review 94-Guatemala Finca El General Espresso 
 2017/9-Coffee Review 93-Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe Adado 
 2017/9-Coffee Review 95-Gesha Village Natural Oma Block Lot 72 
 2017/8-Coffee Review 95-Ethiopia Washed Kayon Mountain 
 2017/6-Coffee Review 93-Congo Lake Kivu Kavisa Bourbon 
 2017/6-Coffee Review 93-Ethiopia Natural Guji Kayon Mountain 
 2017/5-Coffee Review 91-Burundi Kayanza Kabuye Mpanga Natural 
 2017/5-Coffee Review 94-Colombia La Palma and El Tucan Espresso 
 2017/3-Coffee Review 95-Guatemala Finca Cappuccino “Echo-Lot” Espresso 
 2017/2-Coffee Review 93-Ethiopia Guji Suke Quto Honey


2016/12-Coffee Review 94-Ethiopia Natural Hambela Buku 
2016/10-Coffee Review 92-Ethiopia Limu Natural G1
2016/09-Coffee Review 94-Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe Gedeb G1 Lot 118
2016/08-Coffee Review 96-Kenya Muranga Gondo AA
2016/08-Coffee Review 95-Washed Yirgacheffe Aramo Alemayehu Berhanu
2016/08-Coffee Review 92-Natural Yirgacheffe Konga G1
2016/04-Coffee Review 94-Kenya Nyeri Gatugi AA 
2016/02-Coffee Review 95-Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe Banko Gutiti Coop 
2016/02-Coffee Review 94-Ethiopia Natural Sidamo Guji Shakisso 


2015/12-Coffee Review 93-Guatemala Plan del Guayabo Estate SL28 Winey 
2015/09-Coffee Review 92-Ethiopia Washed YirgZ 
2015/08-Coffee Review 93-Burundi Nyarunasi Muramuya 
2015/06-Coffee Review 94-Ethiopia Washed Limu Gera
2015/02-Coffee Review 94-Ethiopia Washed Yirgacheffe Alemu Station
2015/02-Coffee Review 93-Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe Worka Coop Alemu


2014/12-Coffee Review 95-Kenya Nyeri Rukira AB
2014/11-Coffee Review 92-Costa Rica La Nena Red Honey
2014/06-Coffee Review 93-Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe Reko
2014/04-Coffee Review 94-Ethiopia Yirga Natural Bedhatu
2014/01-Coffee Review 94-Ethiopia Washed Sidama Shilcho Coop G1
2014/01-Coffee Review 91-Sumatra Lake Tawar Screen 19 Plus TP


2013/11-Coffee Review 92-Tanzania Songea Peaberry
2013/10-Coffee Review 91-Rwanda Abakundakawa