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Coffee Review Awards

2022 (To be continued....)

2022/4-Coffee Review 96-Peru Washed Santa Monica Gesha
2022/4-Coffee Review 94-Taiwan Washed Alishan Ching-Ye Farm SL34
2022/3-Coffee Review 95-Ethiopia Natural Guji Dasaya SP
2022/3-Coffee Review 94-Indonesia Sumatra Natural Aceh Musara SC19
2022/3-Coffee Review 94-Kenya Washed Kabingara AA
2022/2-Coffee Review 93-Obsidian Mirror Blend
2022/1-Coffee Review 96-Ethiopia Natural Sidama TAMIRU 74158
2022/1-Coffee Review 95-Ethiopia Natural Guji DoReMi


2021/12-Coffee Review 94-Ethiopia Washed Sidama Bensa Bombe
2021/12-Coffee Review 96-Panama Finca Mi Finquita Geisha Afrodita Natural
2021/12-Coffee Review 95-Panama El Burro Estate Natural Gesha
2021/12-Coffee Review 94-Panama La Viuda Natural Geisha 4 Hermanos
2021/11-Coffee Review 96-Guatemala Santa Felisa Wild Yeast Natural Gesha"Top 30 coffee of 2021 #4"
2021/10-Coffee Review 94-Acatenango Santa Felisa Wild Yeast Natural Sudan Rume Full Moon Lot 4
2021/10-Coffee Review 94-Guatemala Finca El General Slow Dry 6
2021/10-Coffee Review 93-Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Washed Banko Gotiti 3
2021/10-Coffee Review 94-Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe Adado Feysa Dira
2021/10-Coffee Review 94-Guatemala Finca El General SummerEnd Espresso
2021/10-Coffee Review 95-Guatemala El Injerto Natural Legendary Gesha 7
2021/10-Coffee Review 93-Ethiopia Natural Guji Hambela SASA Lot 10
2021/9-Coffee Review 93-Guatemala Finca El Principito Yellow Catuai
2021/8-Coffee Review 95-Golden Parrot Blend
2021/8-Coffee Review 95-Ethiopia Natural Guji D Minor 21/01
2021/8-Coffee Review 95-Ethiopia Hambela Yellow Honey James Selection
2021/8-Coffee Review 94-Costa Rica Black Honey
2021/8-Coffee Review 95-Costa Rica La Florida Red Honey Espresso
2021/8-Coffee Review 94-Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Botabaa Washed G1 21/01
2021/8-Coffee Review 94-Costa Rica Black Honey
2021/6-Coffee Review 93-Rwanda Akagera CWS Fully Washed Lot 9
2021/6-Coffee Review 96-Ethiopia Washed Sidama Nafasha 74158 21/01
2021/6-Coffee Review 95-Taiwan Natural Alishan TFU’YA Kakalove Lot
2021/6-Coffee Review 95-Ethiopia Natural Guji Blue Donkey 21/01
2021/6-Coffee Review 94-Kenya Nyeri Gachatha Washed AB
2021/6-Coffee Review 93-Rwanda Natural Rutsiro Bugoyi 60-hour Fermentation
2021/4-Coffee Review 95-Kenya Washed Nakuru Gachombe Factory AB
2021/4-Coffee Review 95-Ethiopia Natural Guji Hambella Wate Peaberry
2021/4-Coffee Review 94-Ethiopia Natural Guji
2021/4-Coffee Review 94-Costa Rica Yellow Honey Kinka Bear Lot 20-02
2021/4-Coffee Review 94-Kenya Washed Nyeri Gichathaini Factory AB
2021/3-Coffee Review 96-Panama Boquete Flor De Mariposa Geisha Espresso"Top 30 coffee of 2021 #15"
2021/3-Coffee Review 94-Costa Rica Aris Red Honey Lot 2002 Espresso
2021/2-Coffee Review 95-Colombia Antioquia Natural Carbonic Maceration Caturra
2021/1-Coffee Review 95-Berg Wu Championship Sidamo Washed G1 Lot 20-02
2021/1-Coffee Review 95-Ethiopia Natural Hambela Wate
2021/1-Coffee Review 94-Ethiopia Natural Guji Uraga G1 Lot 20-05
2021/1-Coffee Review 94-Kenya Nyeri Muchoki Estate AA
2021/1-Coffee Review 93-Ethiopia Uraga Dambi Uddo Wet-Fermented


2020/11-Coffee Review 96-Panama Abu Natural ASD Geisha BOP GN11
2020/11-Coffee Review 95-Panama Finca Minerva-Mirage Pacamara BOP PAC04
2020/11-Coffee Review 95-Ethiopia Natural Guji Blue-Donkey 2020
2020/11-Coffee Review 94-Kenya Washed Peaberry Rnyeusi
2020/11-Coffee Review 94-Ethiopia COE 2nd place Washed Sidamo Rumudamo
2020/11-Coffee Review 94-Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Natural Haru Suke G1
2020/10-Coffee Review 97-Ethiopia Natural Guji D Minor Special Lot "Top 30 coffee of 2020 #3" 
2020/10-Coffee Review 94-2020 Savage Auction Deborah Carbonic-Macerated Natural Geisha
2020/10-Coffee Review 94-Ethiopia Natural Guji Kercha Lot Riverside
2020/10-Coffee Review 94-Costa Rica Yellow Honey Lot Kinka Bear
2020/10-Coffee Review 94-Kenya Kiambu Maua Lot AB
2020/9-Coffee Review 94-Black Swan Blend
2020/9-Coffee Review 93-Guatemala Washed El General Lot SummerEnd 2020
2020/9-Coffee Review 92-Crescent Blend
2020/8-Coffee Review 96-Kenya Nyeri AB Nyeshun
2020/8-Coffee Review 94-Ethiopia Guji Bishala
2020/7-Coffee Review 95-Ethiopia Natural Guji Lot D Minor
2020/7-Coffee Review 94-Taiwan Natural Alishan Zhuo-Wu Farm Geisha
2020/6-Coffee Review 93-Kitten Q Espresso Blend
2020/6-Coffee Review 94-Sumatra Gayo G1 Triple-Picked Lot 005
2020/6-Coffee Review 92-Kakalove Taiwan Natural SL34 Alishan Ching-Ye Farm
2020/6-Coffee Review 92-Colombia Huila Los Lagos Washed Geisha
2020/5-Coffee Review 95-Kenya Tuikit Factory AA
2020/4-Coffee Review 94-Ethiopia Natural Guji PB JackyLai Lot
2020/4-Coffee Review 93-Kakalove Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe Boyrfi
2020/3-Coffee Review 94-Kenya Kiambu AB Uklili 1905 Lot
2020/2-Coffee Review 95-Kenya Nyeri Yerihar AA Lot 1901 Espresso
2020/2-Coffee Review 95-Costa Rica Aris Red Honey Lot 1901 Espresso


2019/11-Coffee Review 96-Sumatra Raja Harimau Lintong Espresso
2019/11-Coffee Review 94-Kenya Kiambu Peaberry Uklili 1904 Lot
2019/11-Coffee Review 94-Kenya Kiambu AB Uklili 1903 Lot
2019/11-Coffee Review 94-Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe Blue Donkey Lot #2
2019/10-Coffee Review 94-Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe Banko Gotiti
2019/10-Coffee Review 93-Guatemala Washed Finca El General Pache M-Plus Espresso
2019/10-Coffee Review 92-Guatemala Washed Finca El General Pache
2019/9-Coffee Review 92-Guatemala Washed Finca El General Lot Summer End Espresso
2019/9-Coffee Review 96-Panama Finca Kalithea Natural Geisha
2019/8-Coffee Review 95-Kenya Kiambu Uklili AA
2019/8-Coffee Review 94-Ethiopia Guji Shakisso Natural Lot 24
2019/8-Coffee Review 94-Ethiopia Washed Yirgacheffe Nafasha Lot
2019/8-Coffee Review 94-Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe Blue Donkey Lot
2019/7-Coffee Review 93-Ethiopia Washed Guji Dimtu Espresso
2019/7-Coffee Review 93-Black Meow Blend
2019/6-Coffee Review 93-Peru Natural Jose Herrera Lot 21
2019/6-Coffee Review 93-Guatemala Acatenango Washed Lot 503 Espresso
2019/5-Coffee Review 94-Kenya Kiambu Gititu AA
2019/5-Coffee Review 92-Guatemala Finca El General BlackLand Lot
2019/4-Coffee Review 95-Ethiopia Natural Guji Hambela G1 Bishan Fugu
2019/4-Coffee Review 94-El Salvador Cerro Las Ranas Honey Espresso
2019/4-Coffee Review 94-Panama Baru Geisha Black
2019/4-Coffee Review 92-No. 79 Blend Espresso


2018/12-Coffee Review 94-Kenya Nyeri Nudurutu Factory AB
2018/12-Coffee Review 95-Ethiopia Kochere Washed Saona Lot
2018/12-Coffee Review 94-Ethiopia Guji Natural Dasaya
2018/11-Coffee Review 93-Nicaragua Mierisch Finca La Huella Yellow Pacamara Honey
2018/10-Coffee Review 96-Kenya Ritho FCS Handege Factory AB "Top 30 coffee of 2018 #2" 
2018/10-Coffee Review 95-Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Botabaa Washed
2018/9-Coffee Review 94-Guatemala Finca El General Lot ALT8 Espresso
2018/9-Coffee Review 94-Green Dolphin Blend Espresso
2018/9-Coffee Review 94-Ethiopia Kochere Debo Washed Gellana
2018/8-Coffee Review 94-Natural Sidamo Twakok G1
2018/7-Coffee Review 93-Sumatra Batak Naga Saribu M-Plus
2018/6-Coffee Review 94-Kenya Embu Uteuzi Jimbo
2018/6-Coffee Review 93-Sumatra Batak Naga Saribu
2018/6-Coffee Review 92-Long Miles Coffee Project Nkonge Hill Burundi Red Honey
2018/3-Coffee Review 94-Mandheling Onan Ganjang
2018/3-Coffee Review 94-Panama Baru Geisha Honey by Joseph
2018/3-Coffee Review 94-Panama Baru Geisha Natural by Joseph
2018/3-Coffee Review 94-Summer Night Blend Espresso
2018/3-Coffee Review 93-Ethiopia Guji Deri Korcha White Honey
2018/2-Coffee Review 94-Ethiopia Biftu Gundina Coop Espresso
2018/2-Coffee Review 93-Ethiopia Natural Sidamo Papilio
2018/2-Coffee Review 93-Ethiopia Banko Gotiti Natural
2018/2-Coffee Review 93-Wilderness Blend 


2017/12-Coffee Review 93-Honduras Los Catadores Honey 宏都拉斯 杯測師莊園Finca LOS CATADORES 蜜處理
2017/12-Coffee Review 92-Honduras La Lesquinada Washed 宏都拉斯 雷斯莊園 水洗
2017/11-Coffee Review 95-Kenya Kirinyaga Mukangu AB 肯亞 麒麟雅加 Mukangu牧康谷處理場 AB
2017/11-Coffee Review 95-Ethiopia Washed Yirgacheffe Adado 衣索比亞 水洗 耶家雪菲 Adado
2017/11-Coffee Review 93-Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe Tore 日曬 耶家雪菲 托爾村
2017/10-Coffee Review 93-Santa Maria Natural Yellow Caturra 日曬Catuai Amarelo種, 尼加拉瓜 COE#21 聖塔瑪莉亞莊園
2017/9-Coffee Review 95-Kenya Kirinyaga Baragwi Guama AB 肯亞 麒麟雅嘉區 巴拉格威合作社 古馬處理廠 AB TOP
2017/9-Coffee Review 94-Guatemala Finca El General Espresso 瓜地馬拉 阿卡特南果 黑內拉莊園
2017/9-Coffee Review 93-Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe Adado 衣索比亞 日曬耶加 Adado
2017/9-Coffee Review 95-Gesha Village Natural Oma Block Lot 72 日曬藝妓1931種 藝妓村Gesha Oma Block 72批次(非競標批次)
2017/8-Coffee Review 95-Ethiopia Washed Kayon Mountain 水洗古吉Guji 凱勇山 凱喜 微批次
2017/6-Coffee Review 93-Congo Lake Kivu Kavisa Bourbon 剛果 基輔湖 卡維薩 波旁水洗
2017/6-Coffee Review 93-Ethiopia Natural Guji Kayon Mountain 日曬古吉Guji 凱勇山 Kara批次
2017/5-Coffee Review 91-Burundi Kayanza Kabuye Mpanga Natural 卡揚札省 卡布耶區 帕恩甲處理廠 日曬波旁
2017/5-Coffee Review 94-Colombia La Palma and El Tucan Espresso 棕櫚樹&大嘴鳥莊園 奧勒加.貝爾川小農 雙重發酵法
2017/3-Coffee Review 95-Guatemala Finca Cappuccino “Echo-Lot” Espresso 瓜地馬拉 卡布奇諾莊園 ECHO批次
2017/2-Coffee Review 93-Ethiopia Guji Suke Quto Honey


2016/12-Coffee Review 94-Ethiopia Natural Hambela Buku 
2016/10-Coffee Review 92-Ethiopia Limu Natural G1
2016/09-Coffee Review 94-Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe Gedeb G1 Lot 118
2016/08-Coffee Review 96-Kenya Muranga Gondo AA
2016/08-Coffee Review 95-Washed Yirgacheffe Aramo Alemayehu Berhanu
2016/08-Coffee Review 92-Natural Yirgacheffe Konga G1
2016/04-Coffee Review 94-Kenya Nyeri Gatugi AA 肯亞 冽里產區 加圖吉處理廠
2016/02-Coffee Review 95-Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe Banko Gutiti Coop 衣索比亞 日曬耶加雪夫 班可果丁丁合作社
2016/02-Coffee Review 94-Ethiopia Natural Sidamo Guji Shakisso 衣索比亞 日曬 西達摩 古吉產區 夏奇索


2015/12-Coffee Review 93-Guatemala Plan del Guayabo Estate SL28 Winey 瓜地馬拉 番石榴平原莊園 SL28單一品種酒香處理法
2015/09-Coffee Review 92-Ethiopia Washed YirgZ 衣索比亞水洗耶家雪菲 耶家Z
2015/08-Coffee Review 93-Burundi Nyarunasi Muramuya 蒲隆地 穆拉木亞省 妮雅路娜席合作社
2015/06-Coffee Review 94-Ethiopia Washed Limu Gera 衣索比亞 Limu Gera產區 水洗
2015/02-Coffee Review 94-Ethiopia Washed Yirgacheffe Alemu Station 衣索比亞 水洗耶加雪夫 阿利姆處理廠
2015/02-Coffee Review 93-Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe Worka Coop Alemu 衣索比亞 日曬耶加雪夫 沃卡合作社小農阿利姆Alemu Tukula


2014/12-Coffee Review 95-Kenya Nyeri Rukira AB 肯亞冽理產區Rukira處理站 AB等級
2014/11-Coffee Review 92-Costa Rica La Nena Red Honey  哥斯大黎加 寶貝莊園 紅蜜處理
2014/06-Coffee Review 93-Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe Reko 衣索比亞 日曬耶加雪夫 紅櫻桃計畫 莉可處理廠
2014/04-Coffee Review 94-Ethiopia Yirga Natural Bedhatu 衣索比亞 日曬耶加雪夫 沃卡合作社小農貝哈圖Bedhatu Jibicho
2014/01-Coffee Review 94-Ethiopia Washed Sidama Shilcho Coop G1 衣索比亞 水洗西達摩 紅櫻桃計畫 西爾莎合作社
2014/01-Coffee Review 91-Sumatra Lake Tawar Screen 19 Plus TP 蘇門答臘塔瓦湖綠寶石曼特寧19目


2013/11-Coffee Review 92-Tanzania Songea Peaberry 坦尚尼亞松吉亞圓豆
2013/10-Coffee Review 91-Rwanda Abakundakawa 盧安達安芭肯達